Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean it's 1985?

"Sledgehammer" - Fifth Harmony https://youtu.be/j2KiCIzTxE4 "Into You" - Ariana Grande https://youtu.be/8uDQ0P9AWc8 "Firework" - Katy Perry https://youtu.be/KRz1675UaOA "Focus" - Ariana Grande https://youtu.be/HwdacYfEvdU "Baby" - Justin Bieber https://youtu.be/ApLk3SLgofs "Work" - Rihanna https://youtu.be/QHsGaGmCtlE "Never Forget You" - Zara Larsson & MNEK https://youtu.be/LPqSv-mEfOw "Sugar" - Maroon 5 https://youtu.be/IgVOmCZfOAI "Love Yourself" - Justin Bieber https://youtu.be/cm6ZBWL9Z6Y "Cheerleader" - OMI https://youtu.be/nE2NBhsL02s Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean Here comes another modern 80s classic! Justin's vocal takes a lot of work to sound decent in the 80s...(too breathy) For a while I couldn't find a way to make him sit in the mix. This is the best I've got. Probably sounds nothing like the original lol. Oh well. Enjoy time traveling! Follow me on Twitter: @tronicboxtweets Facebook: @tronicboxface"


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